It’s Been A While

So, the last few weeks have been a wee bit upside down. I’ve had family in and out of hospitals and that has brought a lot of stress with it. It has been tiring but that’s what life is. I have been writing though, even if it’s just a few hundred words a day, I’ve been writing.

This year as a whole, has been a very bad one for writing. Much of it is that I’ve been distracted and I need to re-focus. I’d like to think that I have done, and I’m determined to get stuck in and get more and more done this year.

The last quarter of the year will not be the same as the first three. NaNoWriMo begins in just a few weeks time. I’ve got the Space Watch re-write to carry on with, and I’ve got a story I’m looking forward to working on after The Space Watch is done.

So theres a lot of work I can do, I’ve just got to do it.


(I’ve not proof read this post, so please forgive any typos)

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