The Morning After The Con

Good morning all! I am awake and just having a cup of tea before I crack on with some writing. I’m feeling really energised and pumped to get cracking after being at Bristol Horror Con yesterday. I’ll write out a more in-depth post about it later on, but for now I’m just going to say how awesome it was! Mainly because I finally got to meet the awesome duo CL Raven! Who are even more fantastic human beings in the flesh!

I met a number of awesome people in addition to the Raven sisters yesterday and generally had a great time, but like with DemonCon it’s gotten me pumped up to get cracking again. Probably more as I met Cat and Lynx Raven as they’ve been big supporters of mine and I find them both really inspiring(seriously check their work out, it’s awesome).

It’s come at a good time as the last few days I’ve been feeling the uncontrollable urge to write again. A feeling that I’ve not had in quite some time. I would have written when I got home last night, but being sat in traffic for an hour last night on the final stretch of the trip home (literally I was like twenty minutes from home) wiped that time out. So I wound down with a movie, ate and then slept. Today I’m going to smash my way through a fair bit of the Space Watch and really get my arse into gear.

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