Good Morning, Monday!

Well, it’s back to normal today. Bristol Horror Con on Saturday really was fantastic. After the ups and downs of the year it was definitely a major highlight for me. Yesterday though, I cracked on with The Space Watch and managed just shy of 2000 words for the day. I also wrote a blog post about Bristol Horror Con (scroll down). Today I’m looking at getting myself into a routine with writing again, and getting some of the outlining work done as well. Especially as come January I’m planning on getting stuck into a story that’s got me quite excited and I need to get a lot more worked out on it.

I need to get this draft of last years NaNoWriMo done as well. I’d like to have it done before NaNo starts again, but I’ll have to see how things go timewise.

Right, I’m off to work now. Have an awesome day, everyone! 

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