Good Morning, Sunday (3-6-17)

Good Morning, well its been a strange old week. It always is when there’s a Bank Holiday or something to break up the weeks normal routine. This last week we did have that Bank Holiday plus a colleague had to have the week off for personal reasons and another one had switched his day off from Wednesday to Friday. So from that point of view it was all over the place week. I did get words written though, 4200 of them since last Sunday.

I’ve been writing before work, during my lunch break and after work this last week but I’m not sure how sustainable that is going to be long term. Friday morning I was struggling to keep my eyes open as I wrote, so what I might do is get to Thursday and knock on the head the early morning writing, the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. By that stage of the week I’m normally getting a bit fatigued by that time of the week and not getting up at 5:30 on those three mornings might be a good idea.

I’m liking the story I’m working on at the moment and am letting it take me where it goes. I do have somewhat of an outline but I’m not religiously sticking to it.

Something I keep writing and talking about is that I’m aiming for a thousand words a day, but I’m also saying I’m aiming for a 20,000 words a month. That contradicts itself, so I’m going to go for the 20k a month target. I think that’s more attainable than a thousand words a day is. Especially seeing as I haven’t hit the 20k in a month yet this year.

Right, I’m going to have some breakfast and then get some words written before I go out to run some errands. Have a good day everyone!


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