Book Review: The Other Side Of The Mirror by Lex H. Jones

The Other of the Mirror tells the story of Carl Duggan as he tried to piece together a series of homicides in a city split by a river with wealth on one side, and poverty on the other. Duggan’s world is that of poverty and death.

This is a crime noir story that just feels dirty. With the characters and their depth and individuality, the city (which is itself a character), the story that has a pace that is beautifully executed and is well crafted to deliver what the reader needs at just the right time, we have a story that quickly hooked me and left me wanting more from these characters and this city.

Lex H. Jones has smashed it with this one. Definitely one of my reads of the year so far. 


9 thoughts on “Book Review: The Other Side Of The Mirror by Lex H. Jones

  1. Sounds fab. I like it when the setting is also a character. I took advantage of the “look inside” feature on Amazon. I love Jones’ voice and the book’s atmosphere. I also like the creative use of the pistols as horns on the cover.


  2. Hi guys

    Thanks for the kind words.

    I must just say though, if you’re talking about the audiobook, that’s not my voice. The publisher hired a professional narrator, so I can’t take any credit for how well he brings it to life. My own voice would have sounded awful for this.

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  3. Ah thank you very much Priscilla! I just took it literally because I’m amazingly dense sometimes. But seriously thank you, that’s very kind of you to say.

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