Through Thick and Thin, Literally!

This is going to be a big of an odd post because I’m going to talk about a belt. Yes, you read that right.

About 1999, 2000 I brought a belt from a market stall for £8. The guy had loads and I remember him saying this belt, made from Italian leather would last me for a decade. It lasted me two decades. Two Decades. I was my heaviest in that time and my lightest. I had nineteen and a half years in the car trade, wearing that belt almost everyday in that time. I can’t begin to figure out how many hours that belt kept my trousers where they needed to be!

It’s strange though, because it’s one of the only things that has seen me through all that time. I haven’t got many items that now that I had when I was eighteen. I’ve got a ring somewhere from then (bought from the same market stall), but that’s about it.

This belt has seen me at my lowest points and at my highest. You don’t think about it until it did finally die. Where the buckle is attached broke. I might try and figure out a way to repair it, it’s a damn good belt.

I love the detail here 😊

I was told this belt would last me ten years, it lasted twice that. Value for money, probably the best £8 I’ve ever spent.

Yeah, a real random one there. I need to post these random thoughts posts more often. A touch of insight to the way my brain will occasionally work.

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