Good Morning, Tuesday

Here is just a very quick post to give an update of what I’ve up to at the moment, so expect typos. I’m handwriting a re-write of Avoiding The Game at the moment, and I’ve not done as much of that as I would like (less then 2000 words this month so far).
I have been far too slack this month with writing. We’ve been very busy at work but this week looks like it might be a little more like a normal week. I’ve also been disillusioned with my own writing lately. It’s not felt good enough, overall and I’m trying to focus on the craft of writing and ignore everything about the publishing side of writing. I think that’s been far too much of a distraction for me recently, which is why I’m trying to ignore it at the moment.
Another thing that I think has added a lot of pressure to what I’m writing recently has been that it’s all been in 1st person narrative. Now that I’m writing in 3rd person again it feels like I was sabotaging myself a little by doing this.

So far I am happy (kind of) with how this rewrite is going. Some of it is really good and I’ve got a good idea of where the story is going to end but I’m not so sure how the middle of the story is going, but I’m looking to finding out where it does go.

Wiped Out

This week has been a loss when it comes to writing. Partly because I was a little demoralised when I realised that Earth, After Liberation wasn’t going how I wanted it to go and also work has knocked me out this week. I mean it has really wiped the life outta me. I consider myself a hard worker and my job is demanding on my energy but this week has been really busy. My day job is as a car cleaner at a second hand car sales and a big part of my job is valeting knew stock and in the last three days I think I’ve valeted five cars, six in you include the one I started this evening. As well as that one I’ve got another one to do as well. The aim is to get them done by the weekend.

Obviously being busy means I’ve had to up my work rate to get the job done and this is what’s wiped me out this week. With writing things will be a bit more of a slower pace as I’m proof reading Earth, After Liberation. I have a very clear picture in my head of what I need to do to fix the story now and I’m kinda itching to get stuck into it again, and this is why I’m writing this post, because I haven’t got stuck into it tonight like I was planning too. I got home and am just feeling very tired and my focus is not all that. So I’ve faffed about on social media and watched some Futurama.

A Bee In My Bonnet


That’s my car, my clean car. That’s the cleanest its been in a good nine, ten months which is something that I’ve not been overly happy about. My day job is as a car cleaner at a second hand car sales and I hate having a dirty car but it’s been part laziness and part not having had the time to give it a good going over. So today I took a couple of hours to give it a once over. I gave it a thorough wash with a pressure cleaner, cleared out a garbage bag of rubbish. I Then gave the inside a hoover out, clean the interior windows and wiped off the interior trim. Then I started on the outside with the windows, then I T-Cut the scratches out and waxed the bodywork.

Now I’m sure anyone reading this is bored and isn’t reading this far but I’m going to ramble on anyway 😀 I get a Bee in my bonnet about things and this has been one of them. The last ten days, two weeks the untidiness of my car was really beginning to grate at me. I can generally accept the exterior being grimy but the interior, nah. I have to have at least a halfway tidy inside to my car. I hate having clutter in my car, I really hate having litter in my car.

Now it’s clean I’m going to make sure it stays that way 🙂

A Yearly Test

This morning the air had a sharpe edge to it and the clouds have an odd lavender colouring which I’ve never seen before (which didn’t show up in pictures I took). I think that after a slow start autumn is here and it’s time to dig the thermals out for when winter (is coming) hits. I’m not someone who complains about the weather, what’s the point? I just try and deal with it the best way I can.
One thing winter approaching does is subdue me a little, at least until I have acclimatised to the new season that is, but I also find that I look forward to winter. It’s a testing time for me as each winter I always seem to forget just how cold it can get here. It’s nothing extreme like in some places but it’s still a challenge for me. For those of you who don’t know my day Job is a car cleaner at a car sales and it’s a job I do really enjoy, even in harsh weather. Part of my job is washing the cars outside, which in cold conditions working with water means getting cold.
When I first started the job when I was eighteen it was in the September of that year (2000) and a lot of people didn’t seem to think I’d last out the winter, but thirteen years later I’m still doing the same job and for the foreseeable future I can’t see that changing.
My job in winter is a test of mental strength. The cold gets into my bones and when I get home it can take an hour or so for me to shake the cold out of my body but I won’t quit.

Todays Post

Today has been a little hit and miss. At work I got a lot done which fired me up for getting through Project Delphi’s straight read through, but I got homeland was hit by a savage pollen attack (grrrrrr) and an issue with our chickens (don’t worry it wasn’t a serious issue) so that blew my energy away but after a few episodes of The Next Generation I was raring to go. I wrote a quick blog post and then started reading Delphi and now the straight read is Done! So tomorrow I will start making my notes on the hard copy. I have found that doing this straight read and not making any notes on the hard copy very helpful. It’s given me time to be absorbed into the story and to enjoy it as a reader. Normally I would just be cracking away with making lots of little notes on it but doing it this way has put the whole story into my head so when I do start on the notes tomorrow it is still fresh. If I had not of lost my momentum I would have got a few more things done, this is where I need to work on my discipline. Little lesson learnt.

Good Morning!

I have been up since five so I could finish up my painting, which I have so all I have to do is put all the furniture back in and get it how I want it.  I spent the night sleeping in a leather recliner which was comfortable enough but the sodding cat decided to try to claw her way through a double glazed window to get at the ginger cat that was in our back garden at 4:30 this morning (Grrrrrrrrrrrr)

I managed to hit my 1000 word target for the week last night but hopefully by Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest I’ll be able to get into a routine with my writing again and get the editing done so I can start submitting my work.  I think it’s about time that I getting some rejections built up lol.  I’ve had a major change in my life recently which is a new day job.  I’m still working in the car trade but now I’m working for an old boss who I consider a friend and I’m working with people I’ve worked with on and off for twelve years now as well as my brother.  I’m a lot happier now, I’m working for and with very good people.  I’m closer to home and I’m only working half a day on saturday’s so I’ll have a little more rest time which means a little more writing time and time with my girlfriend and friends.  Speaking of work, I’m off to go to work 🙂