Good Morning, Tuesday

Here is just a very quick post to give an update of what I’ve up to at the moment, so expect typos. I’m handwriting a re-write of Avoiding The Game at the moment, and I’ve not done as much of that as I would like (less then 2000 words this month so far).
I have been far too slack this month with writing. We’ve been very busy at work but this week looks like it might be a little more like a normal week. I’ve also been disillusioned with my own writing lately. It’s not felt good enough, overall and I’m trying to focus on the craft of writing and ignore everything about the publishing side of writing. I think that’s been far too much of a distraction for me recently, which is why I’m trying to ignore it at the moment.
Another thing that I think has added a lot of pressure to what I’m writing recently has been that it’s all been in 1st person narrative. Now that I’m writing in 3rd person again it feels like I was sabotaging myself a little by doing this.

So far I am happy (kind of) with how this rewrite is going. Some of it is really good and I’ve got a good idea of where the story is going to end but I’m not so sure how the middle of the story is going, but I’m looking to finding out where it does go.

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