Update 15-2-15

I’ve had a week where I’ve been fighting a cold and it’s only been the last 24 hours or so that I’ve began to feel a little more like myself again.
I managed some writing this morning and was just getting into a rhythm when I got interrupted.
The rest of the day has seen me fighting a pretty aggressive headache that is only now abating.
So today feels like a bit of a dead loss to be honest. I was feeling good and motivated this morning but after about midday things jut seemed to descend and they never really picked back up again.
I was planning to do some ARC reading today, along with some work on Project Apollo and maybe a couple of blog posts too. If I was really on a role I would have done a little comic book reading too.

The only good things that I’m taking from today are what I wrote this morning, I think it’s pretty good, and I started reading Scott Sigler’s Pandemic. This is the first chunky book I’m diving into this year and I’m itching to get into it and see how Sigler wraps this trilogy up.

I know I’ve been really slack this month. I’m going to change that this week and work on upping my word counts for each day. I’ve not got a set target in mind but I’m going to try and do more words then the previous day

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