A Yearly Test

This morning the air had a sharpe edge to it and the clouds have an odd lavender colouring which I’ve never seen before (which didn’t show up in pictures I took). I think that after a slow start autumn is here and it’s time to dig the thermals out for when winter (is coming) hits. I’m not someone who complains about the weather, what’s the point? I just try and deal with it the best way I can.
One thing winter approaching does is subdue me a little, at least until I have acclimatised to the new season that is, but I also find that I look forward to winter. It’s a testing time for me as each winter I always seem to forget just how cold it can get here. It’s nothing extreme like in some places but it’s still a challenge for me. For those of you who don’t know my day Job is a car cleaner at a car sales and it’s a job I do really enjoy, even in harsh weather. Part of my job is washing the cars outside, which in cold conditions working with water means getting cold.
When I first started the job when I was eighteen it was in the September of that year (2000) and a lot of people didn’t seem to think I’d last out the winter, but thirteen years later I’m still doing the same job and for the foreseeable future I can’t see that changing.
My job in winter is a test of mental strength. The cold gets into my bones and when I get home it can take an hour or so for me to shake the cold out of my body but I won’t quit.

2 thoughts on “A Yearly Test

  1. I reallt like Autumn and Winter, they are my favourite seasons. Here in italy Summer is usually too hot for my taste and, since I hate the sea (really, I hate the sea) I can’t enjoy it very much. So I’m glad Autumn is here and Winter is coming.
    I don’t like to complain about the weather too, even if sometimes I fall down and say things ad “oh not this damned rain again!”. i think that every weather has its good aspects. For instance, rainy days are perfect for writing!


    • You are very right, rainy days are awesome for writing šŸ™‚ I think we are quite lucky here in the uk because we rarely get extreme weather. It’s not very often that it is too hot or too cold šŸ™‚


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