Getting Back Into The Groove

This time about two weeks ago I started getting a twinge of pain in one of my teeth. Now normally I have little twinge and it’s gone in a few hours. Two days later I was in a lot of pain and I came to conclusion that I needed to go to a dentist. Yes I should have gone on the Tuesday, but I have an inane fear of dentists. I’d be a useless spy because as soon as my interrogators got some pliers out I’d share everything that I knew.
So anyway, I made an appointment at a new dentist (I really was not happy with my old dentist) and a root was taken out. Those few hours afterwards were heaven, until the anaesthetic wore off and then I was in pain. I’d already had two nights with very little sleep and this was a third. That next day I was in a lot of pain, which made work a lot of fun! Over the next few days the pain eased off but I was still up every few hours overnight and when I did sleep it was a very unsettled slumber. Obviously the pain dissipated and I started feeling a lot better, although I was still not sleeping well. Just as I was feeling myself again I went back to the dentist to have the troublesome tooth removed. As I said I’m not good with being in the dentists chair, thankfully my dentist is awesome and easily puts me at ease but that still does not remove the fact that I had a tooth taken out. A tooth which did not want to come out. It had a curly root or something and it took my dentist a fair bit of time to get the little sod out. I was keeping my eyes well shut, except the moment I opened my eyes to see what I think was a bloody big pair of pliers pass my field of view, I’m not sure what their proper name is but they looked like pliers. After the tooth came out I felt a little nauseous and after I was feeling better went back to work.

I’ve not been in pain since but my jaw has ached a fair bit but now I’m beginning to get back to normal, anything dental related really knocks me off my feet, and I was like that for the best part of two weeks. I was saving most of my energy for the day job, getting home of an evening I was throwing on a DVD and just flaking out. So no writing got done, aside from one night before the tooth was taken out when I got a thousand words knocked out. So no progress has been made on Apollo, which I was hoping to have the alterations done and off to Owen by the end of the month. Which would free me up for NaNoWriMo, which I was going to be working on planning during lunch breaks at work, this didn’t happen. I am well behind with planning it now but I am going to use lunch breaks to work on Apollo and work on my NaNoWriMo planning as and when I can.

So that’s been my two weeks. I’m almost sleeping normally again (as normal as I do anyway) and my jaw is slowly getting back to normal. Now I’m going to get back into a routine with writing work ready for NaNoWriMo.

As an after thought I just want to say this was about the most physical pain I’ve ever been in, how people get through pain which is worse or more prolonged amazes me. My respect for those who do suffer the many reason which pain is felt in the human body has gone up because a little bit of toothache is no doubt nothing compared to some peoples struggles.


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