NaNoWriMo 2018- Day Twenty Five

At the write-in today I wrote 1571 for a total of 45324 words. I was kinda hoping for a 2k day but I’m still ahead and quite happy with the pace I’ve had this month, even if the last couple of days I’ve lost a little momentum.

Because I want to keep this momentum going into December and onwards I’m trying to figure out what I want to have as a daily target next month. I don’t want to go heavy and go for another fifty thousand words, but I’ve got 1200 words a day in mind which will give me an end of month total in the mid thirty thousand words range. With PE3, The Vampire Era and the stories I’ve got for this years NaNo I think I’ll have more than enough to work with for the next year at least so this is doable.

Another write-in tomorrow. Im thinking I’ll hit the 50k at the final write-in of the month for me on Wednesday.

NaNoWriMo 2018-Day Twenty-Four

I’ve done it again, written until I’m burnt out for the day and that leaves me wanting to write a quickie blog post. But I’ll try to write a bit more than just a word count update. But lets get that out of the way. I’ve written 1171 words today for a total of 43753. I did start another story in this collection and come next year I’m going to have lots of started stories but few finished ones. So I think the second half of next year will be focused on going through this years NaNo and seeing what I’ve got to work with.

The last couple of days I have struggled to write. I need to sort out a system that works for me that takes into mind being at work and the bits and pieces I do around home of an ย evening. I’ve got an idea of what to do but it doesn’t always work out how I want it to.

I was hoping to be done by Monday night but I think it may be more Wednesday time, but a lot does depend on how many words I get done at the Write-In tomorrow and the one of Wednesday as well. I’m still a couple of days ahead despite a few below par days, but that is why I worked to create a back log of words. Although I believe in aiming for the 50k I’m a strong believer also in that it doesn’t if you hit it of not. You just need to write. For me that is the spirit of NaNoWriMo. You sit down and just write that draft. You don’t edit. You don’t worry too much about getting that perfect sentence down. You just write. Everything else you can fix when you edit it, and I’ve found it’s a lot easier to edit a complete story than it is to edit a few ‘perfect’ chapters.

That’s all of my words of (rubbish) wisdom for now. Less than a week to go, and then December starts and I’ve got a deadline to hit.

NaNoWriMo 2018- Day Twenty Three

Good evening all. Just a quick one tonight. I’ve not had a lot of writing time today but I have written 445 on NaNo for a total of 42582 words overall. I did write 335 on PE3 today as well because one scene spoke to me and I had to get the scene rolling. That gave me a total of 779 for the day which isn’t too bad.

I think tomorrow may be a low word count day as well, but I’m going to try and make the most of the time I do have.

NaNoWriMo 2018- Day Twenty Two

Just a super quick post tonight. I’ve had a busy day at work and after the heavy session last night I’m feeling a touch drained. So I’ve done a couple of online sprints with my local NaNo group and have written 1019 words today for a total of 42137.

I’m still ahead, and think I’ll be finished a day or two early.

That’s it for now. I’m going to watch a movie and wind down before bed.

NaNoWriMo 2018 -Day Twenty-One

Today turned out to be a really good word count day. 2552, with 2k of that this evening at a Write-In. Overall I’ve hit 41028 (42649 including non-NaNo words).

As I said yesterday I’ve had to dig deep and got pretty deep which is emotionally and mentally draining but I think it’s given me a real feel for some of the characters in this story in particular. It is draining but I need to learn how to ‘bleed onto the page’ as Brian Keene says, better.

I’m going to wrap up tonights post by saying that my NaNo region passed the five millions words mark tonight. So very happy and proud about this. The Kent NaNo region is full of great people and such an amazing supportive community that I’m happy to be a part of.

NaNoWriMo 2018- Day Twenty

Today was a strange one where I managed to write 800 words in a blink of an eye during my lunch break (still not sure how I managed that) and then tonight with the help of a couple of sprints in my local NaNo group I added another 1200 or so words. All in all I wrote 2097 for a total of 38476.

I wrapped up another story yesterday. Very short and sweet and I’m close to wrapping up another one as well. I am focusing on quite a heavy one a the moment. It’s one where I’m going to need to dig deep with and I’m not sure how I want to go, but I think I’m overthinking it. I need to just not worry about what I’m writing and let myself go with it.

Thats a problem I’ll try and deal with at the write-in tomorrow. Who could ask for a better writing environment than a coffee shop in a busy shopping centre while trying to write dark and disturbing material. ๐Ÿ˜€


Have a good one, everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

NaNoWriMo 2018 -Day Nineteen

Today I have written 1019 for a total of 36379. Not as many as I’d have liked but I had a fun time at the write in tonight which was good for the soul.

I’m making this a short post because I’m a touch exhausted. That’s a problem I’ve found writing these posts each night after I’ve written for the day. My brain is fried and I can’t really get anything apart from the basics out. Maybe next year I’ll write these posts the next day, but we’ll see.

I am still almost three days ahead, so I can afford a few slower days. I am going to aim for the 1667 a day though, but I will be happy if I get at least 1000 words a day.

I’m out for the day. Keep working towards your goals, folks ๐Ÿ™‚

NaNoWriMo 2018- Day Eighteen

Good evening all. Today I’ve written 2135 words for a total of 35360 words.

The Write-In today was a lot of fun. I got my words done for the day there and then added a few more once I’d got home.

Not a bad days work. I also played some of the news Spider-Man game and watched a couple of movies. I am feeling better now, I feel like I’m winning this fight against this cough/cold I’ve had.

I am three days ahead still, and now I’m beginning to feel better I’m going to get my word counts back up.

Another Write-In tomorrow night will help that out, and then another on Sunday. Bring it on.

NaNoWriMo 2018 -Day Seventeen

A low impact day. I’ve written 350 words for a total of 33225 for the month.

I’m getting the best of this cough/cold, and have a Write-In tomorrow where I’ll be getting back onto the 1667 words a day again.

If you’ve never been to a Write-In I strongly recommend you check one out. It’s a great way to meet your community. Writing is such an isolating passion but when you’ve got other writers talking about the same things you’re experiencing it can be very eye opening. My local NaNo group is awesome. It’s very supportive and is fairly active throughout the year. We even have a monthly meet that is a highlight of the month for me.

If your local NaNo group isn’t that active or there doesn’t seem to be many Write-Ins near you, why not test the water and see if there’s a few people there who’d like to go to a few.

Right, thats me done for now. I’m looking forward to a good day’s writing tomorrow. I hope everyone is writing well, if you’re not take a break and recharge the batteries.

NaNoWriMo 2018- Day Sixteen

After I wrote my blog post for yesterday I started feeling very wiped out. I’ve been on/off fighting a cold/cough for the last few weeks and it struck me again last night. So I decided that today I would only write during my lunch break and take a break in the evening. Which is what I’ve done.

I have written 783 words today, for a total of 32875 words. I am nearly completed one of the short stories in this collection that I’ve done. It’s more of a romance than a horror but it’s a story that’s been on my mind for some time and I think it’s not half bad.

Tomorrow I’ll do much the same as today, knock some words out when I have a quiet few minutes and then relax in the evening. On Sunday I’m hosting a Write-In. Then I will get back on and aim for the 1667 words for the day.

Now, I’m going to chill out for a few hours before bed and watch The Warriors.