NaNoWriMo 2018- Day Eighteen

Good evening all. Today I’ve written 2135 words for a total of 35360 words.

The Write-In today was a lot of fun. I got my words done for the day there and then added a few more once I’d got home.

Not a bad days work. I also played some of the news Spider-Man game and watched a couple of movies. I am feeling better now, I feel like I’m winning this fight against this cough/cold I’ve had.

I am three days ahead still, and now I’m beginning to feel better I’m going to get my word counts back up.

Another Write-In tomorrow night will help that out, and then another on Sunday. Bring it on.

2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2018- Day Eighteen

  1. It definitely seems like write-ins do you a lot of good. I’m assuming you feed off the energy in the room.
    Have you ever had a less than productive write-in?
    Also, I hope that cold leaves you alone.

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    • Yeah, pretty much. It’s hard not to be inspired when those around you are cracking our words.
      I’ve had a few write-ins that I barely write a word. Outside of November we meet once a month and those don’t tend to be very productive but I think those serve another purpose. We all know writing can be very isolating, so these meets are great for building a community and learning from each other and thrashing ideas out and so on.

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