NaNoWriMo 2018- Day Twenty

Today was a strange one where I managed to write 800 words in a blink of an eye during my lunch break (still not sure how I managed that) and then tonight with the help of a couple of sprints in my local NaNo group I added another 1200 or so words. All in all I wrote 2097 for a total of 38476.

I wrapped up another story yesterday. Very short and sweet and I’m close to wrapping up another one as well. I am focusing on quite a heavy one a the moment. It’s one where I’m going to need to dig deep with and I’m not sure how I want to go, but I think I’m overthinking it. I need to just not worry about what I’m writing and let myself go with it.

Thats a problem I’ll try and deal with at the write-in tomorrow. Who could ask for a better writing environment than a coffee shop in a busy shopping centre while trying to write dark and disturbing material. 😀


Have a good one, everyone 🙂

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