Looking Forward to October

This month I’m going to try really hard on getting myself organised. This is quite a big weakness of mine which I think I need to address. So each week I’m going to set out a time table for my time to write, and edit etc. As always with me it won’t be set in stone as life happens and I want to be able to be flexible.

One thing I do a lot is putting little snippets of information on the calendar on my phone. These could be pieces of dialogue or a random story idea, maybe world building details, things like that. I’ll set them on my phone so it reminds me to write them down on paper later that evening. I haven’t been doing this, I just keep rolling them over to another day. So I’m determined to break that habit.
There’s four weeks till NaNoWriMo starts and I want to have all these little notes that I’m rolling over written down and cleared.

Speaking of NaNo, I’ve settled on the idea I’m going to make into a story and I’ve got roughly how I’m going to lay it out in my head but I’m going to sit down tomorrow and really thrash it out. It’s a story I started a little while ago but that was when I’d have an idea and just start writing, and then run out of steam. Over the last few months I’ve been thinking about it and I’ve got a lot more ideas on how the story is going to go and some of the background details have filled themselves in nicely as well.
My protagonist is pretty clear in my head but I need to work on some of the support characters. They are what are concerning me most at the moment, but I’ll be able to flesh them out when I do my brainstorming.

Project Apollo is still being worked on. Me and Owen were supposed to meet up on Saturday just gone (28/9/13) but I was held up at work and by the time I had got home and cleaned out the henhouse I was just about done. So I text Owen and we set it back a week. We do have a draft done, but it has holes in it and needs strengthening in a few areas.

Project Peregrine is in Owen’s hands but as I’ve said this will probably be put to one side for the next year or so.

I said on Twitter and Facebook at the weekend that I am going to be releasing fiction next year, and I am. The first story is almost ready to go, I’m just waiting on Beta readers and after that its just a case of saving up some cash for the cover art. Then I will let it loose into the world. This both excites and scares the hell out of me but I’m guessing the first is always the hardest and, to be honest, I love the story I’ll be releasing. It’s only a short story but it’s one of my favourites and the people who have read it have said its very good, but that’s next year. I’m focussing on what I need to do for the rest of this year now 🙂

Status Update

This week has been a bit of a slow one, although I’ve written a good two, maybe three thousand words its felt like its been a little like pulling teeth. It has been worth it though as I’ve typed up what I’ve written under the title of Project Peregrine. I’m not classifying this one as a short story any more simply because I don’t know what its going to end up as. I started it as a short story but it has sparked more then a few ideas in my head on how to elaborate it into something bigger. That is something for me and Owen to discuss later as its something that I have written in one of our joint universes. No matter what he says though this one will most probably not see any more serious work on it for at least the next eighteen months. We have too much with Project Apollo related work to do before we start looking at anything else.


Next week I am going to get into fixing the issues with the ending of Project Apollo. Owen was going to do so but last time that I spoke to him he had been working heavy with his day job so I think he hasn’t been able to dive in properly. So I’m going to spend some time next week going through it and going through the details that are currently the problem.


NaNoWriMo. I’m doing it this year. I know I’d been telling people that I wasn’t going to but screw it, I don’t feel right not giving it a go. I know I’m going to fail (Again) but I love the whole idea of it and each year I learn something new. The rest of this year I have no huge projects that will require many hours worth of work, Project Apollo is the only one that does need attention but me and Owen should have it a lot tidier by November.

I haven’t decided what I’m going to write for NaNoWriMo this year, but I have it narrowed down to two ideas that have been on my mind for a while. One is much more developed then the other and I’ve got it in mind that its going to be a multiple book project, the other one I think will be a one hit book, simply because I have not put a lot of thought into it. I am tilting more towards that one if I’m honest, the first of those two I don’t think I’m ready to write it. It’s quite a big idea that I should think through and plot out a little and I don’t think that I can do that by November but we’ll see.


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Have A great weekend all





This Weeks Goals

I am going to keep my goals simple for the time being so this week I am going to focus on getting Project Peregrine typed up and off to Owen for his thoughts on it. No matter what he says nothing will be happening with this one for at least 18 months. When we sat down last weekend we done a by rough plan of action and for our joint work we are gong to focus on Project Apollo and all the stories around it.

Some of that work will be worked on this week as well. I have a couple of synopsis to write and I’ve got to work on a few timelines with this universe as well. I need to check up in how Owen is progressing with the detailed plotting of the final chapters of Apollo.

Getting Project Peregrine typed up is not a huge priority in the grand scale of things, as I said we won’t do anything with it for a long time yet, but once it’s typed up and we both have a copy we can look at it when we want.

These goals are very loose, I’ve tried sticking to goals before and it has not gone well. I’ve been quite motivated recently because I haven’t put too much pressure on myself and I really want to start getting some work out there 🙂

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Needing A Fix

Today at about midday I started feeling like I wasn’t myself, at first I thought I was having a down day. One of those days where that manic depressive side of me took over and the weight of life was almost too much for me to handle. Then I thought it as just fatigue, that a good nights sleep would solve this crappy mood I found myself in (at one point I was walking around with my fists clenched). Tracie (my girlfriend suggested that I had a night off and get some rest but I said to her that I needed to write tonight as I hadn’t written anything for a few days now. That is when it struck me, I needed to write, I was having withdraw symptoms and I didn’t feel any better until I had got some work done tonight. So I got writing and finished the1st draft of Project Peregrine 😀

At times this afternoon I felt as if someone had pulled my soul from within me and dangled it above my body for five hours. It as like I wasn’t here and I couldn’t get back to my body, but I’m okay now 🙂


I also need to get back into reading again, I’ve not done much recently which is a tad annoying. I’m still reading The Drawing Of The Three by Stephen King and there’s a couple of short stories I have on my Kindle App that I want to read this month as well. That said, I’m off to do some reading 🙂



Looking At September

Last night I got home from the Cinema to find some more feedback from one of my short stories. I have my mum look At my work to make sure my grammar is up to scratch and she found a fair bit but she also really liked the story itself 🙂

I still haven’t finished the short story I’ve been working on, but I’m going to sit down with it tonight and get some more of it done. As the last few months have passed I’ve been thinking mainly that I’m going to be working on the stuff that I already have written that needs to be tidied up. This means I’m not going to be writing anything new for a while, but I’m not sure I can cope without actually writing new fiction. I have one of my short stories that I’m going to re-write but I have another half a dozen short stories which need attention.
What I’m probably going to do though is write some new short fiction stories in the next year or so, maybe novellas but mainly short stuff while I’m tidying up these already written stories I have sitting around gathering dust.

This means I’m unlikely to be doing NaNoWriMo this year 😦 (I keep saying that but I have a sneaky suspicion that on the 1st I’ll be diving into NaNo)

As WIP’s stand at the moment Project Apollo is having the ending plotted out in a little more detail. Project Peregrine 1st draft, which is the short story I mentioned, is probably about 80% done. I’ve got a flash fiction story that’s needs a few alterations, nothing major though and now this short story that my mum grammar checked last night. By the end of the month I want to have done the flash fiction and the short story notes so they’re all but ready to go. I’d like to have a 2nd draft of Peregrine typed up. Apollo, I’m not setting a time scale on at the moment because its a joint project. I’d also like to have the short story I’m going to totally re-write read through so I can start to look at re-writing that one next month. The Residents is on the back burner a little at the moment but still very much in mine and Chrystalyn’s minds 🙂