This Weeks Goals

I am going to keep my goals simple for the time being so this week I am going to focus on getting Project Peregrine typed up and off to Owen for his thoughts on it. No matter what he says nothing will be happening with this one for at least 18 months. When we sat down last weekend we done a by rough plan of action and for our joint work we are gong to focus on Project Apollo and all the stories around it.

Some of that work will be worked on this week as well. I have a couple of synopsis to write and I’ve got to work on a few timelines with this universe as well. I need to check up in how Owen is progressing with the detailed plotting of the final chapters of Apollo.

Getting Project Peregrine typed up is not a huge priority in the grand scale of things, as I said we won’t do anything with it for a long time yet, but once it’s typed up and we both have a copy we can look at it when we want.

These goals are very loose, I’ve tried sticking to goals before and it has not gone well. I’ve been quite motivated recently because I haven’t put too much pressure on myself and I really want to start getting some work out there 🙂

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