Looking At September

Last night I got home from the Cinema to find some more feedback from one of my short stories. I have my mum look At my work to make sure my grammar is up to scratch and she found a fair bit but she also really liked the story itself 🙂

I still haven’t finished the short story I’ve been working on, but I’m going to sit down with it tonight and get some more of it done. As the last few months have passed I’ve been thinking mainly that I’m going to be working on the stuff that I already have written that needs to be tidied up. This means I’m not going to be writing anything new for a while, but I’m not sure I can cope without actually writing new fiction. I have one of my short stories that I’m going to re-write but I have another half a dozen short stories which need attention.
What I’m probably going to do though is write some new short fiction stories in the next year or so, maybe novellas but mainly short stuff while I’m tidying up these already written stories I have sitting around gathering dust.

This means I’m unlikely to be doing NaNoWriMo this year 😦 (I keep saying that but I have a sneaky suspicion that on the 1st I’ll be diving into NaNo)

As WIP’s stand at the moment Project Apollo is having the ending plotted out in a little more detail. Project Peregrine 1st draft, which is the short story I mentioned, is probably about 80% done. I’ve got a flash fiction story that’s needs a few alterations, nothing major though and now this short story that my mum grammar checked last night. By the end of the month I want to have done the flash fiction and the short story notes so they’re all but ready to go. I’d like to have a 2nd draft of Peregrine typed up. Apollo, I’m not setting a time scale on at the moment because its a joint project. I’d also like to have the short story I’m going to totally re-write read through so I can start to look at re-writing that one next month. The Residents is on the back burner a little at the moment but still very much in mine and Chrystalyn’s minds 🙂



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