Looking Back At August

Last month I set myself the simple task of completing a draft of Project Apollo and doing the out loud read through of one of my short stories, both of which are done. Yes this was quite simple goals but they are done.

Owen has looked over the final chapters of Apollo and we both agree that it needs attention, but we have found out what needs attention and we’re pretty sure we know how to fix it. Basically it’s been a lack of planning of what is quite a complicated final act. I don’t think it will be complicated to read, it’s more of a case that a lot happens so we need to plan it out bit by bit. So Owen is going to work it out and get the details plotted out and then I’m going to write it all out again. Thankfully it’s not much that needs to be done.
In addition to working out the details of how to fix Apollo me and Owen worked out some of the details of the future stories we have in this universe which is quite exciting.

As for the short story read through I found a few more mistakes then I’d like to admit and no doubt once my grammar checker looks it over there will be more changes to make. The story, the characters, the background details though, those I’m very happy with. So it is literally just crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s.


Owen making notes.

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