My First Submission, and Rejection

On Saturday, after a bit of a kick up the arse by Scott Sigler, I submitted a story to an online magazine. This was the first time I had sent a story out, and it got rejected. I was expecting that if I’m honest but I’m relieved that I finally got a story sent out.

I did learn a few things from this.

Firstly, I screwed up the cover letter big time. I’ve got a rough idea of what to put in a cover letter, and after looking at another place to send a story to I’ve got a better idea of what needs to be included. I am going to have a little look around the web and see what is recommended to include. I don’t want to make the same mistake twice and more importantly I don’t want editors thinking I’m wasting their time because I’m not prepared.

The second thing I learnt was that it doesn’t hurt. Yeah getting a rejection sucks but that is all part of the process and its something that we, as writers, have to accept. I know there is a lot of people who submit to these markets and to stand out amongst so many people and get accepted is a long shot, but not an impossible one. I already know where I want to submit the story next time but I’m going to look at the magazine in question and see if it fits.

I do need to get my finger out and get some more words written and stories finished. Most of my shorter pieces that I have almost finished are mainly in a set of stories I’m working on, my Vampire stuff, and I don’t really want to break them up. I like the idea of either merging them into a single story or into a collection, kind of like a continuing series.

So that’s a bit of a milestone for me, first story sent out, and rejected. That’s not something bad against me or the story I wrote (Okay maybe the story sucked 😛 ). There is always the chance that the tone of the story wasn’t right. Or the genre wasn’t right or a dozen of other reasons.

What’s next? well I’m going to try and find another home for the story and I’m going to get another one of my pieces polished off and get that one sent out.


Oh, and get some more short fiction written.




Good Morning

It’s Thursday, it’s early and I’m still half asleep so I apologise in advance for any typos 😃

Due to a little ill health, nothing too serious, I’ve not done much at all this week. Add in a trip to the cinema last night then I’ve really had a slack week with writing. Although I haven’t been doing too much physical work I’ve been working through ideas for some of my various projects and also how I want to get my work out into the wide world.
Although I’m not published yet I do feel part of the indie community. I have a lot of good people around me that are self-published and are white happy with being an indie. I also know people who are traditionally published who also are very happy with how they are getting their work out into the readers hands.
The way I’m looking at the writing industry, and this is from the outside, is that it hasn’t settled into this day and age quite yet. I think it is slowly but it’s more the smaller publishers that are being open minded. No I’m not saying I could go out and get a book deal a piece of cake but I’ve got to admit I would quite like to get published by a publisher at some stage. I’ve not mentioned him for a while but a big idle of mine, both in what he rights and how he is getting his work out is Scott Sigler. Mr. Sigler has just signed his second book deal after having five books published, at least one of those got onto the New York Times best sellers list. But he also publishes a series of novels himself. He is a good example of a new generation of hybrid author that seem to be emerging now and that is what I’d quite like to try and do.
I’ve got a story that I want to start submitting to the magazines and see what traction I can get with it. The only thing holding me back with that is me, I just need to break that psychological barrier and send it out into the world and see if someone bites and says it’s what their looking for.

That’s kind of the strategy I’m going to working with, I just need to start getting more work finished and either self published or submitted.

This strategy does not include the collaborations I’m working on with Chrystalyn and Owen respectively. As those are collaborations it’s something that I and my partners will decide how to sell when the time comes.

The Reading List

Although I am not setting myself targets or making any grand plans for this year one thing I am aiming a little more attention to is reading. I felt last year I didn’t make enough time to read and this is something that I need to change. one piece of advice that I’ve heard successful writers give is that to write we need to read.

I have just finished Shadows of the Realm by Dionne Lister and I have just started Embedded by Dan Abnett. Shadows of the Realm has been on my Kindle App for a couple of months and I really enjoyed it. I’ll admit that I was not sure how I would do with it as I’m not a huge fan of fantasy but if I’m honest I’ve never really tried to read a fantasy novel. I’m glad I did read Shadows of the Realm as it is not only very well written but it is also one of those stories that gets more and ore addictive as you read it. After I finished it I went straight over to Amazon and downloaded the second book in the series. I’m holding off reading it though until the third is out and I’ll read them back-to-back when the time comes.

Tracie got me Embedded for Christmas but it’s been one that I’ve wanted to read for some time. I’m only thirty or so pages into it but already I’m at the point of eagerly turning the pages to see what happens.

This year there are a lot of books I want to read. Scott Sigler has Pandemic and The Champion out, as well as a number of novellas and short stories in various anthologies. Christopher Stocking has The Rotten Apple out and Jordanna East has Blood in the Paint out soon as well. Justin Macumber will also hopefully be releasing a couple more novels this year.

Then there are the novels on my iPad and book shelve I want to read this year. Doing a quick count I can see twenty three on my shelf and twenty eight on my Kindle App. Damn that’s a lot of books, and I know I’ll buy more during the year. Of course I’m not expecting to read all of these this year, my Goodreads goal is thirty five books. That is the same as last year but I didn’t hit it… hopefully I will this year.

Here are the website links to the authors I mentioned:

A Little Post About Scott Sigler

A few weeks ago Scott Sigler started podcasting his novel Nocturnal and for the first time he hasn’t narrated it. For those of you who don’t know who he is Scott Sigler is a New York Times best selling author who was the one the first people to release a novel as a podcast. Since then he has released pretty much everything he has written on his podcast. There are few that he didn’t narrate until his Bones Are White collection of short stories.

That was the first real time that us fans of Sigler’s, or as we’re better known, The Junkies, had received his work on his podcast voiced by other people and now we have his novel Nocturnal being read by Phil Gigante. The reason Sigler is not reading his work now is a simple one, he wants to use the time to write more. To me this is very good because I can’t get enough Sigler but it did throw me off hearing someone else do the voices of much loved characters from this novel (an earlier draft was released before the current, final draft). Most of all not hearing Sigler doing the voice of (The Awesome) Pookie Chang has taken some getting used to, but the last two episodes have sold me. I’m loving the story and the narration is excellent but the emotion that came through from Pookie Chang in the last two episodes has been spectacular.

Sigler reading his own work is and will always be entertaining but Phil Gigante doing the voice work adds something else to Sigler’s work. The content is exceptional, I’ve loved the fiction Sigler writes since I first heard and in Phil Gigante they have a man whose vocal skills suit the type of fiction that Sigler writes, and it gives Sigler more time to write so we all win in my opinion.

Scott Sigler and his business partner A Kovacs are moving in the right direction in my opinion as they are both striving to get as much fiction out there for all of us to consume and if having Phil Gigante, and his engineer Cory, on board doing the narration helps Sigler get more written then its well worth it. I for one do miss Sigler’s narration, especially his female voices, but Gigante is very talented and easy to listen to. Sigler is still going to do the Galactic Football League novel narrations but as A Kovacs points out in a post( over at  there are four books already out in that series so it works for the continuity and that’s their flagship series.

If you haven’t already checked out Scott Sigler I strongly recommend that you do. His writing is powerful and original, his characters are fantastic and he isn’t scared to touch the tough subjects.

In At The Deep End: Discovering Stephen King

It had always felt like I had committed a crime when I would say to someone that I had never read a Stephen King book. I felt like I was admitting to a very dirty secret but in truth it has only been in the last year, maybe two that I have started to explore who I’m reading and Stephen King is a big one for me.

So I’ve started off with The Dark Tower series, and I feel a little like I’ve been thrown in at the deep end. Part of me thinks I should have read one of his standalone novels first but the mystery of The Dark Tower series was too strong for me to start anywhere else. As a general rule I’m not a fast reader, there are books that I devour rapidly but The Gunslinger was not one of them, and neither has the second book of the series, The Drawing Of The Three. That’s not because I’m not enjoying these books but I think it’s because I’m trying to take in the complexities of the stories. The change of pace that has taken place between the first and second books is pretty big as well.

What has fascinated me so far is the fact that King has revealed almost nothing about the world this is all taking place in or the dark tower itself. What is our protagonist, Roland, searching for? Hell he doesn’t even know!

Am I going to read further then The Dark Tower series, am I going to fall in love with Stephen King’s work? I’m not sure I’ll fall in love with his work like I have done with Scott Sigler or Dan Abnett but I want to read more. From what I know of Stephen King he does not let himself be constrained by genre or people’s expectations and that is why I want to read more of his work. He’s a fearless writer.

(I’ve also got his book On Writing as an audiobook, if you’re a writer I think this is an essential read, or listen (King narrates that himself). It’s part autobiography and part writing guide. I felt King’s struggle as he tried to survive with a young family before Carrie got sold)


A Quicky Post

I’m just popping up a quick post tonight, as I’m close to falling asleep.


Project Apollo is getting there. I have discovered more that needs to be worked on and hopefully me and Owen will be sitting down soon to sort these notes out and plot out the final half of the book in more detail. At the moment it feels like it’s lacking a lot of depth so that’s something we need to work on.


I’ve listened to Scott Sigler a lot lately, reading his blog too and the man is a force of nature. he has a drive that I wish I had half of.


I’m not going to say anything else tonight because I am struggling to focus on what I am writing here and it feels like it’s a ropey post as it is. Next week I’m going to put up a post about the books, both paper and audio, that I brought with birthday money and why I brought them.


For Now, good night and catch you next week.


I have listened to a lot of podcast books. For those of you who are unaware of podcasted novels they are books that are serialised, normally for free as well. Now I have listened to a lot of these over the last couple of years and have discovered some amazing writers like Scott Sigler, J.C. Hutchins, Mur Lafferty, Nathan Lowell, Phil Rossi and many more. For some reason though I’ve never really listened to audiobooks.

I have a few on my iPod but nowhere near as many podcasts though. Maybe part of this is because podcasts are free, but another reason may be because I’ve not enjoyed a couple of audiobooks that I did buy. A couple of which were also abridged and I felt I was loosing out a little because of this. Last week though I downloaded Stephen King’s On Writing and a zombie one, I forgot the name. Ill mention it in a future post. These two downloads have kind of opened a door in my head and I want to download more. This is logical for me because I am a slow reader and I work a job where I can have my iPod and listen to whatever I wish. I do need to get through more books and this may be the way that I can get more fiction consumed 🙂