Igniting Old Ideas

I’ve watched a couple of alien invasion movies recently, Skyline and Battle:Los Angeles. I was planning to watch this movie again soon but a post on I Am Ipodman’s blog pushed the viewing forward (http://iamipodman.wordpress.com/2013/01/29/have-you-watched-battle-los-angeles/)

Alien Invasion is something that I love but I’ve not found many examples recently that have really impressed me, Aside from Scott Sigler’s Infected and Contagion, and the movie District 9, but those are not what I think of as alien invasion, not in the Independence Day, War Of The Worlds sense. I would love an epic alien invasion story to come out (if anyone knows of one please feel free to share 😀 )

Me and Owen (writing partner) have an alien invasion story that we’ve played with but we never took it anywhere. I think it is far too complicated for our current level of writing ability but one day this could be a story that we go back to one day because like our Project Delphi and Project Apollo universe it is a world that we have batted about for many years and just because we have not been able to get a story up and running in the past doesn’t mean we wont be able to get it going in the future. If a story needs to be told, it’ll be told.


This week’s episode of The Dead Robots Society was really good. It was about description but slipped into Pacing too. I found this episode really helpful and it got me thinking about how I describe scenes and characters as well as how I’m pacing my work.


Here’s the link: http://deadrobotssociety.com/2013/01/29/episode-257-setting-the-scene/

Please go over and check it out. It’s an impression show and this episode in particular was very good.

6 thoughts on “Igniting Old Ideas

  1. Skyline left me desperate for a sequel or at least a series of graphic novels and District 9 was not what I was expecting but love it. I’m intrigued by the concept of an alien invasion story being too complex though, perhaps you can test it by instalments on us WordPressers! 😉


    • I’ve thought about putting my fiction upon here but I’m not sure I first publishing rights gone, and I don’t think my writing partner would be too impressed lol.

      The story is complex because we have a lot of story lines with just our human characters before the aliens make their appearance. When we do write the story I’m not sure it would only be one book 😉


  2. District 9 is great, but you are right, it isn’t really an “alien invasion” movie like in an epic “War of the Worlds” sense… I would point out the climax of The Avengers is an alien invasion, but that’s a superhero movie…


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