Book Review: Skinzz by Wrath James White

Skinzz is a brutal ride that doesn’t let up and builds to an ending I really didn’t see coming.

Wrath James White crafts this story with these characters with a stunning amount of skill that puts you into this world and makes you feel what the characters are fighting their way through.

This is one of those stories that isn’t going to fade away with time, it’s going to sit with me and I’ll be thinking it through for some time to come yet.

15th January 2019

Tonight I have edited a short chapter of PE3. I should have done more but I wasn’t feeling it tonight. I think I needed a small change of pace and once I’d finished the chapter I wrapped up the last of these zombie stories I’ve been working on. It was nice to have it wrapped up. The next stage with these is to put them all in one Scrivener file and get the tweaking done so the continuity works properly. Although the stories take place during the same outbreak each one is its own story and aside from one small moment none are integral to the others.

I do think I get bogged down when I’m only working on one piece for more than a few days. PE3 has dominated most of my writing time recently and anything else has been snatching words. This is definitely something I’ve got to get my head around so I realise when I am getting bogged down and can then switch to something else briefly.

But anyway, that’s it for tonight. I’m going to dive back in Wrath James White’s Skinzz before bed.

Our cat Dizzy sitting on the notepad I needed. This picture was taken last night.


14th of January 2019

To give an idea of how tired I am right now I wrote 14th of December in the title bar….Yeah its nearly time for bed I think.

I’ve edited another chapter tonight and the story so far doesn’t feel as disjointed as I was fearing. I think I had that fear because it’s been written over a couple of years, with some pretty big darn gaps in between. I think when I do the paper edit/out loud read it’ll hopefully feel even more together.

I’m almost finished a zombie short story, literally I think there’s only a couple of hundred words to go with it now. I might be at a writing meet on Wednesday so if I am I might try and smash it out then, if I don’t get time before then to wrap it up.

Right, time to wrap for the night. I’m going to get a couple of chapters of Skinzz by Wrath James White read. I’m thoroughly enjoying this one so far.

11th of January 2019

Having just typed the title for todays blog I wonder if I’ve made sure to put 2019 on each one……

Anyway, to todays writery stuff! I’ve only written 216 on a zombie short story today. I didn’t get to sit down for lunch as I had a few errands to run so that limited my writing time. Tonight though, I’ve worked my way through two chapters on PE3 and am still not hating editing! I know some writers absolutely cannot stand the editing process but so far I’ve enjoyed it.

Time to wrap for the night. I’m half watching The Conjuring while writing this and will try and read a chapter or two of Skinzz by Wrath James White. I’m only a few chapters in but am really enjoying it so far, it’s hitting my sweet spot if I’m honest. I’m definitely going to make a little time for it over the weekend.