11th of January 2019

Having just typed the title for todays blog I wonder if I’ve made sure to put 2019 on each one……

Anyway, to todays writery stuff! I’ve only written 216 on a zombie short story today. I didn’t get to sit down for lunch as I had a few errands to run so that limited my writing time. Tonight though, I’ve worked my way through two chapters on PE3 and am still not hating editing! I know some writers absolutely cannot stand the editing process but so far I’ve enjoyed it.

Time to wrap for the night. I’m half watching The Conjuring while writing this and will try and read a chapter or two of Skinzz by Wrath James White. I’m only a few chapters in but am really enjoying it so far, it’s hitting my sweet spot if I’m honest. I’m definitely going to make a little time for it over the weekend.


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