13th January 2019

Good evening all! I’ve got to chapter ten (of twenty) of this PE3 edit and still not hating it, yet. I see so many other writers talking about how much they hate the editing process but I’ve never really felt that. I think to me it’s just part of a process that I’m still fine-tuning.

When I do the red pen edit I’m going to shut the door and work in silence. With this pass I’ve had music on or the tv in the background so there’s a little white noise there. With the red pen edit I’ll be in silence and read the story out loud as I’m armed with the red pen. I’ve heard people like Paul E Cooley talk this method up so I’m going to give it a try. It’ll take longer but I think that’ll serve me well for what will be my final edit pass before sending off to beta readers.

Last night I visited friends and we just hung out and listened to music had talked and they gave me some fantastic feedback on a snippet of a story I’ve got an idea for while also giving me a lot of encouragement with writing. I do have my doubts about whether what I’m writing is any good but I do keep reminding myself that I’m hyper-critical and there’s a point where I have to let it go.

Right, I am knackered and I suspect anything else I write will just turn into gibberish.

Have a good one, everybody!

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