14th of January 2019

To give an idea of how tired I am right now I wrote 14th of December in the title bar….Yeah its nearly time for bed I think.

I’ve edited another chapter tonight and the story so far doesn’t feel as disjointed as I was fearing. I think I had that fear because it’s been written over a couple of years, with some pretty big darn gaps in between. I think when I do the paper edit/out loud read it’ll hopefully feel even more together.

I’m almost finished a zombie short story, literally I think there’s only a couple of hundred words to go with it now. I might be at a writing meet on Wednesday so if I am I might try and smash it out then, if I don’t get time before then to wrap it up.

Right, time to wrap for the night. I’m going to get a couple of chapters of Skinzz by Wrath James White read. I’m thoroughly enjoying this one so far.

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