Good Morning, 15th July 2021

Howdy folks, yesterday I wrote 534 words on the vampire book and the rest of the day I chilled out a little. A lot of early starts recently and I was feeling more than a little drained.

Today I’ve got a few things I’d like to do. One of which is reading through the notes from my editor on the zombie book. I’m not ready to start making changes yet, but I am going to be making my own notes as I go. I’d like to get some words written today on one of the short stories I’m working on as well. I’m tempted to do that first as that’ll give me plenty of time to read through the notes for zombie and I can get it (hopefully) read through today.

A video I did a couple of weeks ago 🙂

I’m doing pretty well on my goals for the month. Two have been ticked off now, and I feel confident that I can achieve each one. Even the video one!

Right, I’m going to get started now. I hope you all have a fantastic day!

21st of March 2021

Hey folks, I’ve not written today but have transferred the vampire 1st draft over to Scrivener.

Short post today, I’m wiped out. I’ve posted a video on my YouTube today which is embedded into this post where I talk more about how the last few days have gone and why I’m so tired.

Good Morning, 30th January 2021

Good morning folks!

After a very slow week I’ve written 1595 words this morning and finished off the first draft of a short story for a project from a fantastic publisher. I’m hoping it fits into what they’re looking for! But either way it’s a story that I really like. After a slow start it’s really picked up and got some nice depth (I hope!).

I’d set myself the goal of the end of the next calendar week to have this draft done, so I’m adjusting that goal so that I’ve got my drafts done. I’d like to get it off to the editor early so if it isn’t what they’re looking for I can have another crack at it.

The zombie book is with the editor now, the artwork is almost done. So I’m optimistic about hitting my release date for it. Very excited and nervous as well!

An update from a couple of days ago 🙂

After my shift today I am off for a week and I’m determined to make the most of it. I’ve been a little down this last week and it’s time to get snapped out of it. This morning has helped. I was up when I wanted to be, and have written and finished a draft today. I know that sets me up for a good shift at work because I’ve already been productive and that fires me up. It leaves me with a good buzz for the rest of the day.

Speaking of work, I’d like to grab a little food before I’m off. Please check out my latest YouTube video which you can see above.

Have a super Saturday, everyone! And I’ll speak to you again tomorrow!

Good Evening, 24th January 2021

Hey Folks!

9508 words edited on Black Blood today, 205 words written also on Black Blood. I also recorded and posted a video for my YouTube channel, well I did that twice because the first one had too much background noise, but anyway. It’s posted, I’ll link it in here as well.

I think I did about four hours all in all, including the video. I mentioned earlier that I was going to try and do ten hours a week, and I’ll do the ten hours from Monday to Monday.

I lost some oomph after that though. I think tiredness caught up with me. Even though I slept well, I’m still wiped out. I’ve got four early starts this week, earlier than normal, and one late. Then a week off! I cannot wait!

I’m going to leave you lovely people to your evenings. Have fun, and rock it this coming week!