Good Evening, 24th January 2021

Hey Folks!

9508 words edited on Black Blood today, 205 words written also on Black Blood. I also recorded and posted a video for my YouTube channel, well I did that twice because the first one had too much background noise, but anyway. It’s posted, I’ll link it in here as well.

I think I did about four hours all in all, including the video. I mentioned earlier that I was going to try and do ten hours a week, and I’ll do the ten hours from Monday to Monday.

I lost some oomph after that though. I think tiredness caught up with me. Even though I slept well, I’m still wiped out. I’ve got four early starts this week, earlier than normal, and one late. Then a week off! I cannot wait!

I’m going to leave you lovely people to your evenings. Have fun, and rock it this coming week!

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