28th January 2021

Good evening folks!

It’s been a quiet week writing wise. I’ve had easy starts four days straight and even with early nights and a few naps, I’m still burnt out. But I’ve got tomorrow off, then an afternoon/evening shift on Saturday and then a week off.

I have got a few words written and will be focussing on getting a good start to February with next week off. My main target will be in getting a short story done for a publisher. I will also be working on putting my notes into the Scrivener file for Black Blood, and gearing up for the Penal Earth edit. I do have another short story I’ve been working on and I’d like to get that one done as well. But that’s not a priority at the moment.

Me, after words and before an appointment last night.

Right, just a short post tonight folks.

Rock on and keep that dream in sight.

2 thoughts on “28th January 2021

  1. Have you every tried getting up early EVERY day? I find it easier than having to get up early for a few days and throwing my sleep schedule off. Even on days when neither one of us has to work, the hubster and I still get up at 5 a.m. (Of course we go to bed early, too!) But I don’t think it would work if you have evening shifts sometimes, too.

    I wrote 1100 words today, but they’re kind of blah. I’m going to study a bit (poetry) before I call it a day and see if I can make it so tomorrow’s words aren’t so blah.:-)

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