Good Morning, 30th January 2021

Good morning folks!

After a very slow week I’ve written 1595 words this morning and finished off the first draft of a short story for a project from a fantastic publisher. I’m hoping it fits into what they’re looking for! But either way it’s a story that I really like. After a slow start it’s really picked up and got some nice depth (I hope!).

I’d set myself the goal of the end of the next calendar week to have this draft done, so I’m adjusting that goal so that I’ve got my drafts done. I’d like to get it off to the editor early so if it isn’t what they’re looking for I can have another crack at it.

The zombie book is with the editor now, the artwork is almost done. So I’m optimistic about hitting my release date for it. Very excited and nervous as well!

An update from a couple of days ago 🙂

After my shift today I am off for a week and I’m determined to make the most of it. I’ve been a little down this last week and it’s time to get snapped out of it. This morning has helped. I was up when I wanted to be, and have written and finished a draft today. I know that sets me up for a good shift at work because I’ve already been productive and that fires me up. It leaves me with a good buzz for the rest of the day.

Speaking of work, I’d like to grab a little food before I’m off. Please check out my latest YouTube video which you can see above.

Have a super Saturday, everyone! And I’ll speak to you again tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Good Morning, 30th January 2021

  1. 1595 rocks! Congrats on finishing the draft. I wrote 434 yesterday on my novella and drafted a blog post. Today I’ll edit and post the blog post. (Heehee, it sounds funny to say “post the post.”) And I want to write another 500 words on my novella. It’s cold here, -8.3 C. I’m not going outside until it’s warmed up some, so I might as well write.:-)

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