My Short Story Series

I spent most of yesterday reading through half of A short story series that I am working on.  When I write I rarely plan what I am writing and this is something that I know I need to work on.  Writing blindly only works for so long.  Reading through these few stories I realised that I have not really got an in-depth idea of this world yet.  It’s not been very well thought through.  I wanted to read through these initially to pick up on continuity  issues and to refresh myself with what I have already done with the characters and the story so far.  On that side of things I succeeded.  I’ve altered A couple of silly (stupid, remember what you wrote Peter)  errors in my text.  Things that add some depth, and God forbid some (hopefully) intelligence to what I’ve written so far.

Apart from the novel (which I’m almost ready to start researching for the re-write) this is the only project that I have written so much in.  I’ve got a handful of main characters that feel like they are developing nicely and a story that is building to where I can write the major instalment of this series.  The question that I keep asking myself is, do I want to put these all together and make it into A novel?  I’m sure that I could edit them and alter the different viewpoints to make it A workable book but I like the format that I have at the moment.  It’s all in a first person narrative and so far I have four different viewpoints through out the five and A half stories.  I’m not sure that I could give these characters the right feel if it was one larger story.  The way that it is now gives the characters their own space, each one can stand alone but all are tied into the same story arc.  Yes, it will help to read in A certain order but I think that A reader will be able to read one from, say the middle of the series and still be able to read the earlier ones and not feel like they know what is going to happen.

I think I’ll leave them as A series but I need A little more thought on the subject.

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