Sucker Punch

I honestly don’t know what to say about Sucker Punch.  Visually it was pretty impressive, although as a man women running around flashing the flesh and firing guns is always going to impress me (most men lol).  The acting was not bad and the story line had some decent potential but the biggest problem that I found with this film was the lack of depth to it.  I’m not a Zack Snyder hater, I know a few people really don’t like he’s films but those that I have seen, Dawn Of The Dead, 300 and Watchmen, I have enjoyed.  But I think he maybe has not the skill yet to really make the viewer feel for these girls who are living in A hell where one of them, Baby Doll (Emily Browning) has to escape into A fantasy world.  It reminded of Inception a little.  Cause it jumps from one reality and then into another one before jumping back.  In these fantasy worlds they have to overcome a few different challenges.  Mostly having to vanquish ‘Bad Guys.’  This is where the film seems A little confused also.  It’s Fantasy, steam punk, a little alternate history and sci-fi.  This is where I quite enjoyed the film because it was all action based.

The end of the film was a little strange but once I’d thought about it, it did kind of make sense.  I wont be buying this film to add to my collection and I’m not sure if I’ll watch it again if it’s on TV but I don’t feel like my time has been wasted.

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