Another Brain Storming

I’ve just had another brain storming/review session with my co-writer and I do believe that we are beginning to make some headway on two of our projects. It is a little difficult when he’s more focused on one project and me on another. As I said to him though ‘write what ever is on your mind’ because if it’s floating around the grey matter then tap it. It’s not worth forcing another project into our heads if there’s something else there. I’ve always worked on the project that is most active in my head. Whether its a novel, a short story or a blog post. I’ve found trying to force myself to write something that I’m not thinking about only ends up in me scrapping what ice written when I go back to it.
Now I’m off to read what he’s just given me, night y’all.

2 thoughts on “Another Brain Storming

  1. I’d never brainstormed with anyone until my fiance’ offered to help me figure something out one day. Turns out he’s a very good brainstorming partner! Sometimes we’ll do that at the crit group I attend weekly, but I don’t get the same results. We’ve discussed cowriting a book together, not sure how well that would go, but it’s nice to have someone to spring ideas back and forth from.


    • I agree with you there. I’ve found it can really open up ideas for the both of us. As for co-writing, i’m still not quite sure how we manage it to be honest. On some projects I do the bulk of the actual writing and on others he does. Our biggest fault as a writing partnership is that we get very easily distracted!
      Joining a crit group is something that I am thinking about, but due to long work hours I’m not sure if i can afford the time at the moment.


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