Writing Is A Lonely Game

After reading a blog post by a fellow blogger, Susie Lindau,  http://susielindau.com/2011/11/22/whos-in-your-corner/#comment-1166 about the support she has it made me think about my support network and I came to realise that I don’t have a very strong one around me.  I don’t have any super fans or family members that really kick me up the back side to get cracking with writing.  My girlfriend has been pushing me a bit this month because of NaNoWriMo.  My close friend who I have a couple of projects that we are working on is there to support me obviously but he is cracking on with his side of the process.  Most of my family and friends are not readers which goes against me.  I have a good friend who is a copy write editor by day so she has been very supportive with editing my work and given me her general opinion.  I wont take anything away from those around me though.  I do get questions from them about my writing but generally I’m on my own.

Does any of this get to me? No, not at all because up until NaNoWriMo I had not been taking this whole writing thing seriously.  I wrote when I felt like it and that was not really that often.  I have never had anything published or even submitted one of my pieces of work.  Two of the things NaNo has taught me is that I REALLY  want to be a writing and that I am getting more and more convinced with each passing day that I can do it!  Yes I have a long way to go but the stories in my head need to come out and I do love to write.  It gives me a buzz that I’ve not felt in any other part of my life.

I have found some great people through Twitter and through blogging sites like this one who give me the boosts I need at times and I know the more that I write the better I will get and my friends and family will see that this is not just a passing fixation, it’s a dream that I am determined to achieve more now than ever!  I’m not going to say “My New Years Resolution is to get writing properly” because I’m starting it today!  No more putting off because I am too tired or there’s something good on TV or a bird flew past my bedroom window. I WANT TO BE A WRITER!!!!

8 thoughts on “Writing Is A Lonely Game

  1. Woohoo! Go Peter! This is fantastic.
    I am glad you are so motivated. That’s what we all have to be. After all no one can make us sit down at our computers and write. I am glad that you found your passion and that we found each other’s blogs! This is an awesome community full of supportive writers.
    Great post!


    • Thank you very much. I’ve found this new determination and the lonely part of writing I dont think will bother too much as its something that I know comes part and parcel with being a writer.


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