Suffocating An Idea

When I get an idea I just want to write it out, not matter what the idea is I just want to get writing without thinking it through. I’ve just had an idea which is simply that, an idea. At the moment I don’t really have a clue as to what to do with it. Already I have a couple of little ideas but no real plot line or thoughts on the lead character/characters. I don’t know whether this has the strength to be a full length novel or a shorter work, but what i’m trying not to do right now is just write without thinking this idea out and making notes. I had decided to just start writing in the morning but it quickly struck me that I have nothing to work with yet. So I’m gonna hold off and plot a few bits out in my head and start writing once I have more then just an idea, I need a story loosely plotted in my head before I can start writing.
On that note I’m off to bed where no doubt this idea will grow before sleep takes me. Night y’all

5 thoughts on “Suffocating An Idea

  1. I find myself doing that too. I’ll start with a scene in my head and just write it out, until I realize that I have no idea where to go from then on. I think, though, that that is sometimes the best beginning. You don’t worry about things being just right and just as you planned. But, I as well favor having something- at least a goal- in mind when sitting down to start writing. Otherwise I end up with the hundreds of little snippet scenes that have nowhere to go!


  2. I see what you mean about it being a good begining. I’ve written some short stories where I’ve just cracked on without any real thought but I’ve had many more which run out of steam and leaves me feeling rather unsatisfied. This new idea, I think, has some potential so I’m going to break a habit and think it through a little 🙂


  3. It always seems to start with a small scene, like a bit of a movie in my head and so I get that down and then begin plotting around it. It might not be in the beginning, more likely somewhere in the middle but that doesn’t matter, as long as I get it out of my head and on the page.


    • I am the same. I’ve written entire stories based on a tiny little snippet. In this case it was a general idea of a situation that the more that I’ve thought of it the more I’m glad u didn’t dive into it. It’s something that needs a fair bit of research and thought before I can really start writing 🙂


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