This Book Is Not Seducing Me

When I read a book I need it to properly grab me, to seduce me and I always give a book a hundred pages and I’ve got to admit that to my surprise Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol has not grabbed me. I’ve felt a little robotic as I’ve read it which has surprised me as I have liked Brown’s previous books. My friend Louise suggested that I try again in a few months as she’s gone back to books that had not grabbed her the first time and really enjoyed them the second time.
So now I’ve got to decide which book from my to read shelf I am going to read now, I’ve got it down to two choices, Scott Sigler’s The All Pro or Chris Stocking’s ESTRA Corp. I’ll have to decide when I get home.

2 thoughts on “This Book Is Not Seducing Me

  1. Going back to the book later can be a good idea. I liked the book when I read it, and I read it in 5 days. But it happened to me that certain books don’t appeal to me so much, I leave them and then when I start reading again, I can finish them 😀 So your friend is right 🙂


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