What Is Happening To The Specialist Shop?

I’ve just had a text off of a good friend of mine saying that he’s heard a rumour that both Gamestation and Game over here in the UK are about to close down.  Add to that the continuing rumours that HMV are also on rocky ground ( I think that Waterstones are part of HMV as well) then I find myself thinking ‘Where am I going to buy Games, DVD’s and music from?’  I know some of you will be saying ‘Err online you retard.’  Which is all good and well, if you know what you want.  I love going into HMV or Waterstones and just looking at the selections and trying to find that hidden gem.  I would never have read Joe Haldeman’s The Forever War had it not been for a random look in Waterstones one day.  Yes, the internet is a great thing and there are lots of bargains on there but does it have to be at the cost of these High Street shops?  Maybe their demise will give birth to more independent shops but with the savings that the internet gives are they going to survive?


2 thoughts on “What Is Happening To The Specialist Shop?

  1. If those shops close down, that would be a real pity. I love going to Waterstone’s and spending time there, looking shelf after shelf, touching the books, and reading samples of unknown books. HMV is pretty cool too; I remember spending two hours with my friend Greta in one of their shops in Covent Garden, just looking at the CDs and DVDs, and listening to music till they politely told us to leave LOL 😀 Anyways, it is very sad that so well-known shops have to close down, for whatever reason.


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