Meeting A Friend In Oxford

I’ve met a few really cool people off of this blog and on Twitter and that is great but it’s very rare that we get the chance to meet each other in person which really sucks, but today i got to meet one of the amazing people who I have met, Cinta Garcia is a truely lovely person from sunny Spain and she has come to Oxford to attend a short story course so we met up for lunch and a little wonder around the city.  Cinta’s blog is here;

The drive up was about two hours and once I got parked (parking fees are extortionate in Oxford by the way) I went straight to where we had arranged to meet.  Cinta then led us to the Eagle and Child pub where some famous writers used to meet and talk about their work as well as drink beer.  Most notably J.R.R Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and Charles Williams, they were known as the Inklings and as we sat and ate I was really taken with the atmosphere and how much history was around us. During lunch we discussed writing and some of the things that Cinta learned on her course.  Writing is such a lonely act, rarely do us writers sit and talk in person so it was great to talk with Cinta and hear what she thinks of writing.  I was then given a tour of the city and it is a stunning city.  The history that it has is breathtaking.  Cinta has a good knowledge of the city and pointed out lots of little bits of the city thast I would have missed.  I found myself thinking that many of these old buildings would have been there for centuries and will no doubt stay there for centuries.  (No I didn’t take any pictures :P) lol

Good day, good city and good company 🙂  Now though I’m tired and just watched a film that has lowered my intelligence hugely.  One of the worst films ever!!!!!!

6 thoughts on “Meeting A Friend In Oxford

  1. What a lovely you blog you have, I must first say Peter. What a nicely written post of your visit to Oxford to meet Cinta, another talented writer. You both are indeed on your way to becoming a great writers. ~Abbey


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