The Athele Series

Last time, I gave you five reasons to try out Nanowrimo for the first time!  This time, I’m going to give you five MORE!

#5 At the end, you have actually produced something!

When you take part in many things, you have less than when you started.  Paintball?  Less ammo.  Bungee Jumping?  Less money, probably.  Road race?  Less time and energy (well, sort of).  Now, that’s not to say these things aren’t cool or valuable.  You certainly get a lot of experience out of them.  But Nanowrimo is of a particular value, because once you’ve passed the finish line, you not only have the experience, you have a really solid manuscript on your hands, which you are free to edit and try your luck at publishing, or print and use as a doorstop, or even delete as if it had never happened.

#4 Supporting Nanowrimo supports other awesome stuff!

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