Just A Few Hours To Go

So NaNoWriMo is just a few hours away now and I hope everyone is ready to go. I’ve learnt a couple of things from NaNo in the run up to this time of the year where many writers loose their sanity to try to win NaNo. The first is to NEVER be in the process of trying to get a story ready for release to the wide world while NaNo is approaching, that’s a big no no I know realise. I really do value NaNoWriMo. Doing it last year it taught me to just write, to forget about editing or whether the story was sellable to the mass market. Even though I failed it last year, and I’m not aiming for the 50k this year, the skills that NaNo installed last year have stayed with me and I am expecting to learn many more skills this year. My biggest hope is that it increases my confidence because I am lacking in that area at the moment.

I am aiming to blog throughout NaNo but my posts may be shorter then normal and focus on My NaNo progress.

To everyone who is doing NaNo this year, good luck! especially those on my buddies list (PeterJReaper is my handle over there) and remember, if you get stuck, there’s always space for a ninja 😉


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