A Tidy Up

I hate having clutter around me and since I decorated last summer I have not got my desk and book shelve next to it sorted out so it not only looked tidied but organised too.  Now it is 😀 Thank God because it was slowly doing my head in.


I did not just want to tidy my book-case I wanted to have it organised as well.  I like to have all the books by the same author together and then if they are in a series then they get put into timeline order of the story. The only time I do not do this is when I have hard covers and paper backs.


And there is the tidied desk and book-case (Sorry the picture sucks). There are still a few little bits and pieces that need to have a home found but all of the clutter is gone! I found this really therapeutic. I like having a clean and clutter free environment, which is not easy as clutter seems to be pulled to me like steel to a magnet.  My aim now is to keep it as tidy as I can because it’s far easier to write when I’m not having to move the clutter around to have space to move.

How about you fine people, where’s your little corner that you create in?


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