Story Perspective

The first thing I wrote, Project Phoenix, I wanted it to be from just the perspective of the good guys. Without going into details humanity is in a struggle against an oppressor and I just wanted to show the entire story from their point of view and none from the evil oppressors. It took a little persuading of Owen for him to agree to that but in the end he did. I did not realise at the time that I made this really hard on me and Owen as we were writing it and if we ever re-write it I’ll definitely try to get things from the oppressors perspective into the story. Since then though I have found that I am more willing to show both sides of a story when I’m not writing in first person. With Project Apollo I kind of forgot to put that in so when we revise that we need to gently put it in and not hammer it into the story but it does need to be there. I think the reader likes to know what our protagonists are up against, it’s kind of like having an inside track. I know I like seeing what the bad guys are up to. I don’t think that this is always the case though, it needs to be done correctly, and as I like surprising the reader I don’t think I’ll ever reveal to much of what the bad guys are up too.

It also gives you another place to go. Quite often (more than I’d like to admit) I get stuck and when I have the bad guys perspective it gives me somewhere else to write from which frees up where I may be stuck on the good guys story line. I know I may have other story lines with the good guys if it’s from multiple points of view but flitting over to the bad guys is a good change of pace in the story.

This really is something that I have to improve on when I’m in the planning stages so I know the antagonists plan, motivations and what they want to achieve from their actions so I can have it through out the story.


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