A Glance At Universe Building.

I was talking to Owen tonight about the universe of Project Apollo and Project Delphi and each time we do we build the universe more. Which I guess is how a collaboration works but each time we talk it dawns on me on just how in-depth this universe is, well needs to be. We have different cultures, species, planets, technologies and well, you can imagine. Now we throw in the characters and various story lines that we are building along with the universe, its getting complicated. The trick is to make it uncomplicated for the reader. I like a story were I do not notice the world building, where it is woven into the story and the characters. I don’t want to read a segment on how an artillery piece works, I want to see it working, or not working and causing a problem.

Okay I feel like I’m rambling so I’m off to bed 🙂

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