Battlestar Galactica, The Ending

I’ve never watched the original Battlestar Galactica but I really fell in love with the new series. The pilot hooked me, and the first episode of the first series, 33, is an excellent example of a tense, well paced episode. The character dynamics are fascinating, in particular the relationship between Commander Bill Adama and his son Captain Lee Adama. The way the producers got the series structured to build up to an epic conclusion is well done. Although some of the secondary characters that were killed off annoyed me but mainly because I liked the characters. I can see why they were killed off though. Of all the good episodes I feel the final episode was a let down.

It started out really well with The Galactica going on the attack to rescue a child that was in Cylon hands. Then it all went wrong. They took each of the surviving characters and wrapped their individual stories up. Some were good to see, some were heart breaking. Others were just plan bloody annoying, Starbuck’s in particular.

I liked the idea of what the producers were trying to do with the final episode, going from the heroic final battle scene to winding up all of the characters stories, but the bit that got me the most was the final scene. I don’t see why that was needed.

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