A Little Update

The last couple of nights I’ve only made a little progress on Project Apollo. I could have gotten more done last night but I decided to have a tidy up and tonight I got home an hour later then normal, and once dinner was eaten it was 8 o’clock before I sat down to write. Progress has been made though, and I came across a plot hole which I hope I’ve plugged up now.

The last week or so I seem to be juggling a lot. The day job has been more then busy, which is always good 🙂 And I’ve been tormented by Project Phoenix and the story that will be my NaNoWriMo one this year. That’s planning though and I’m going to be writing down some of the notes I’ve been making once I’ve written this post.

Reading wise I’ve made some really good progress with the first collection of the Judge Dredd comics. I am really enjoying reading these and they are giving me some great ideas and I think will be quite influential in one of the stories that I’ll be working on hopefully next year. I’m hoping to start plotting out which books I want to start working on and in what order. Might need to talk to Owen about that as we have joint works we’re planning.

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