Running Out Of Audiobooks!

One of the things I’ve asked for for my birthday last month was iTunes vouchers, mainly so I could buy audiobooks. I’ll write a post saying which ones I’ve brought as well as the books I also purchased. I’m now listening to the last one which I’m really gutted about. One reason is that I’ve really enjoyed listening to them, another reason is that of the five audiobooks I brought three of them have really caught my attention and I’m eager to get the other stories in these books respective series, I’m really hoping they’re available on audio. I haven’t checked yet cause I don’t want to buy them yet, well more accurately I haven’t got the disposable cash at the moment 😦 but that’s life.
Once I’ve finished the one I’m on now I’ll be back on iTunes looking through the podcasted novels once more to see if I can find something impressive. I’m also going to download a couple that I’ve heard before but not for quite a while, I’m looking forward to hearing some of those 🙂

2 thoughts on “Running Out Of Audiobooks!

  1. peter- i listen to audio all the time, got quite a collection. i recommend the sci fi Enders game if you can get it, loved the story. just listening to Enders shadow at the moment- which runs parallel to the original story(fantastic concept) the other series that has to be on your bucket list is the incredible Frank Muller reading the Dark Tower set-


    • Enders Game, that’s Orson Scott Card isn’t it? I know of it and I was hoping to read it before the movie came out, I hadn’t thought about getting it on audio :-/ cheers Gregg I’ll have to try and get that next month 🙂

      I am definitely going to grow my own audio library because it’ll allow me to consume more 🙂


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