Project Apollo Update

As some of you may know Project Apollo was my NaNoWriMo effort last year and it didn’t go well. I ran out of steam at about 20,000 words, but since then me and Owen have done a lot of planning and plotting and working out universe building details so when we started to work on it again it should be easier because its been better thought through, no.
As we are working on it we are coming up with more things to put in it to make the story work properly. Our main antagonist still has not really revealed themselves yet, because we me to do a little more work on building the character up a bit more. We have their motives down but I’m still finding the voice, while Owen is working on details for the bigger picture. The bits he’s doing are good for this story but when they will pay off in other stories in this universe.

Some of this does trouble me a little, most of these we should have sorted out by now. I’m willing to put it down to inexperience and the next story that we work on we’ll have a lot more of this in mind before we start writing. I am a bit of a discovery writer though so I learn how characters and plots develop as I write (Yes Owen hates this).

Another part of this that is frustrating me is that I’m doing an edit of what I wrote during NaNoWriMo as well as adding new words. This is slowly me down a little and when NaNo comes around this year I WILL edit as I go. I know NaNoWriMo is meant to be there just to write but I’m not going through another story like I am at the moment again.

I’m often a little wary about talking about my WIP as I fear it will mean I loose a bit of energy for it but as I’ve wrote this post tonight I’ve had a few ideas come to mind about our antagonist. So that’s been unexpectedly helpful 🙂

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