KINDLE SALE! All Books $0.99!

Christopher Stocking is a very good writer and it’ll be great if you could check these titles out 🙂

Christopher Stocking


It has been quite some time since I’ve had any sort of sale for my books, so I figured why not do it for all of them? All the Kindle formats of my books are just $0.99, so don’t miss out!

London Darkness: Infernal Inventions (London Darkness #1) – “One of my first introductions to steampunk and I do believe it did the genre justice. Stocking has a knack for making the background characters as likeable as the main characters. Fast paced action and a mystery to be solved on every page. The ending will *definitely* leave you wanting the next book.”

London Darkness: War of the Devices (London Darkness #2) – “Sequels are hard to do right, but War of the Devices was a perfect followup to the first book. It was full of action, tension, and mystery, and the ending left my jaw on the floor. I’m definitely…

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