It’s Good To Talk

Last night me and Owen had a phone conversation which rolled just over the hour mark. This is the first time we have spoken on the phone for that long in about five years. We need to do that more. We bounced ideas off of each other and made some amazing progress with Project Apollo.
A lot of serious world building details were talked through, giving us a much more confident feeling of our universe. I think we have significantly improved on one of our main characters back story as well. This is the character which I was having the most concern with, I’d gotten his voice down well but I wasn’t confident with what had gotten him to where he was in Project Apollo. Now I am and I am sure when we come to get cracking with it again he’s going to feeling more real.

We still have plenty of details to work out and the next step is to go through both Project Apollo and Project Delphi. Project Delphi to pick out any details of this joint universe that may be of importance and I’m going to do the same with Project Apollo. Well not quite the same, with this one I’m going to go through and list all the secondary characters and to find all the silly little errors and tidy them up.

Still a lot of work but we’ll trying to get set up properly so the story is as good as we can make it.

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