Tonight’s Ramblings :)

I’ve had a good day. Firstly I solved two plot problems, the first was in my vampire series and the second was in Project Apollo. That’s the bigger of the two, it solves a big problem which I was struggling to fix. Then Tracie called me to tell me she was being discharged, great news 😀 then I got a text from a beta reader which made me smile 🙂 I really value my beta readers opinions. I know I’ll get honesty from them which is awesome!

Now this is my 500th post, which is kind of hard to believe but saying that I do ramble a lot 😀 One thing I would like to do here is spend a bit more time on my posts. I feel like a lot of what I say is just randomly posted and I’d like to be a little more detailed. I’d like to share more about what I’m reading, watching and listening too. For example I’ve been listening to the Nerdist podcast a lot lately and I should be talking about it as it is an awesome podcast! I should be putting in the link and so on (I’ll put it in another post). I also listen to a lot of short stories via podcasts which I should be sharing because there is some awesome fiction out there that people should be discovering.

I will still be doing quick update posts but I’m going to try and write out a couple of posts that do have that bit more detail in them each week. Now that Tracie is out of hospital things will slowly be getting back to normal and I’m going to try and get myself into a routine and I’m going to start listing what I want to achieve each week.

That’s enough rambling for one night. Catch you soon 🙂


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