As I said in my last post I’ve been listening to a lot of the Nerdist podcast, It is an awesome podcast that is not only incredibly funny and entertaining it is also very motivating.  Hearing what these often creative people are doing is great. Seth Green For example has about a dozen things going on. There is a lot of talk about people creating and following their dreams and talking in depth about the work they’ve done. So often we only see a lot of actors and so forth in character so its been great to see the real people and get an insight into what they think of their craft and their lives.

The gang, led by Chris Hardwick have some amazing guests on the show. Ranging from pretty much the entire cast from Star Trek: The Next Generation through to Kevin Bacon, Kevin Smith, John DiMaggio and Billy West.  I especially loved this episode featuring the actor Thomas Jane,

The Nerdist team seem like they have a lot of fun doing these interviews, I say interview they are nothing like normal interviews, these are conversations which are generally free flowing and seem like a hell of a lot of fun. I haven’t listened to them all but there is a pretty chilled out vibe in the show.

Please check it out because it’s an awesome show 🙂


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