Building A Story Bible

With Project Apollo it’s a big universe with a lot of detail that we have to think about and with Apollo we were getting a lot of the little details mixed up. Add this to the plot holes we had in it then it wasn’t looking too good. So I sat down and started making notes, me and Owen had a couple of conversations about certain aspects of our universe which were written in. I thought about character details that we hadn’t looked at yet. Mainly family details and where our main characters were from.
As I was doing this it occurred to me how little I actually knew about our main character’s backgrounds.
After typing all the notes up I had five pages of information, that’s been emailed off to Owen for him to add his notes but even then I’m sure we have still only scratched the surface here. Saying that though I am positive we have what we need to get Apollo tidied up and finished, aside from plotting out the story itself.
What I would like to inject into Apollo is little Easter Eggs here and there that will pay off in later stories. Nothing epic or that makes the reader have to buy the stories, I’m not a fan of books that leave nasty cliff hangers. Obviously I want people to buy these stories when they’re up for sale but I don’t want to leave things on huge cliff hangers, little teasers yes. I want people to buy them because they are following the characters and the stories we’re creating. As I was saying though me and Owen want to put in these Easter Eggs so that when the reader is reading through one of our stories they’ll know the universe and they’ll find the odd character from other stories throughout the universe.

Any tips on putting together a story bible?

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